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5 million people with migraine

5 million steps for 5 million people.

Make every step you take count.
It takes 1 minute to register. 
Every time you take a step it now counts to the total.
Walk to the shops, to work, exercising around the house .
Help create awareness and change the lives of people suffering from migraine.

Image by Dave Goudreau

5 million steps
will change lives

Over 3 million steps so far. Thanks to everyone that joined the group.

Help us reach 5 million by 22 July. 

How many are possible?

22 July 2023
World brain day

Total Steps



The steps4migraine initiative is focussed on changing the lives of people suffering from migraine through:
1. Increasing awareness
2. Improving education at all levels
3. Funding research
4.Supporting services for migraine.


Five Million Steps to Support
Five Million People
with Migraine in Australia 

Join today, and let every step count until 22nd July  2023. 

Start counting your steps and contribute towards five million steps

#steps4migraine .Your donations will help us establishing a headache fellowship at Australian Institute of Migraine in partnership with Migraine Foundation and Western Health.

Steps4migraine  five million steps to support five million people with migraine in Australia
Steps4migraine  five million steps to support five million people with migraine in Australia
1150 can walk 2.9 km to generate five million steps till 22nd July 2023- World Brain Day 2023 . Join us today and keep walking.... Lets do this together . Send your daily step counts to and @steps4migraine on instagram or @migrainefounda2 on twitter.
18 June 2023, 11:30 am AEST
Walk Any where, Any Time
Virtual or joining in East Melb?

Join the 5millionSteps4Migraine Campaign 

Register and keep sending your step counts via instagram @Steps4migraine 

Donations will directed towards Brain Health Nurse Support program 

No upcoming events at the moment

Let us promote better care, more education and research culminating towards better services  globally 

Join us today. Make your steps count towards five million steps campaign #steps4migraine  
Let us all be as relenteless as migraine and work towards reduced disability and better brain health .
Let us promote better brain health for all. 
Migraine is the least funded medical disorder impacting the brain health of  billion people 

Brain health is the Supreme Wealth 


Any time Any Where 

Let us create history again- Fabulous Australia. Join us to support